DVA WOW Polishing Paste
DVA WOW Polishing Paste

DVA WOW Polishing Paste

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CeraPro HP
Abrasive trimmer with diamond grit.
For rapid, smooth reduction of material when
preparing all types of ZrO2 porcelain-/ allporcelain.
For precontouring and preparing larger vestibular
and oral surfaces of restorations without
heat generation.
Apply only light pressure when preparing.
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CeraTec HP
For preparing high-performance zirconia with
very high degrees of hardness >900 MPa.
Shapes, ball and torpedo:
The ball shape is used for preparing occlusal
surfaces and guarantees an optimal view
of the trimming surface during preparation.
The torpedo shape can be used for finishing
even difficult interproximal spaces with
bridges and complicated, undulating preparation
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327 CAD/CAM ZrO2 Restoration
Diamond disc for separating crowns and
bridges from HiP ZrO2 framework.
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10 Cross cut standard 4
For coarse abrasion on chrome - cobalt alloys,
precious metall alloys, chrome - nickel alloys,
model cast alloys, acrylics.
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