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Crown Cutter 21RX (5 Pcs.)
Special drill for removal of crowns and bridges
from 0,00 CHF
Crown Cutter 36R (5 Pcs.)
Special drill for removal of crowns and bridges
from 0,00 CHF
DVA Acryl Marvel Cream
High gloss polishing paste
80 gr.
Shiny result in a very short time
Ideal for dentures, plastics, nylon, polyamides
From the USA
This unique polishing formula also offers a special feature that residual scratches can be removed during the high gloss process, completely eliminating the need to go to the pumice stone to remove a small residual scratch. 
from 0,00 CHF
DVA Brilliance Polishing Paste
40 Gram Glass Brilliance
Diamond polishing paste for precious and non-precious metal alloys
Creamy consistency
from 0,00 CHF
DVA WOW Polishing Paste
A special polish for zirconia
30 gram glass WOW
from 0,00 CHF
DVA ZIRKON-BRITE Polishing Paste
20 gram jar

Description & Application
ZIRCON-BRITE is a solid polish in a can that can be used to polish all types of crown and bridge materials. Includes:

Zirconium framework collars
Full anatomical zirconium restorations
Layering porcelain
IPS e.max® and Empress® porcelains
All Cad/Cam generated restorations
All composite restorations

ZIRCON-BRITE is unique in two key areas:

It is the ONLY polish that brings zirconium to a high shine!
It polishes all of the above materials in seconds!
Product Advantages
The benefits of ZIRCON-BRITE are quite simple:

Allows quick and easy resealing and polishing of zirconium crowns and bridges after adjustments.
Provides a high, marble-like lustre in seconds.
Eliminates the need to re-glaze a restoration after adjustments, saving approximately 15 minutes of time by eliminating the need for another glaze cycle in a furnace.
Eliminate the stress on the restoration from another high temperature firing cycle.

from 0,00 CHF


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